Health Plans Offered


As an employee participating in the Sacramento Area Electrical Workers Health & Welfare Plan, you have the option of enrolling in one of three medical plans:

  1.  Kaiser Permanente HMO;
  2. Western Health Advantage HMO; or
  3. Aetna PPO.

If you reside within the geographical service area of one of the two HMOs you must enroll in one of the HMOs. If you reside outside of the geographic service area of the Plan’s HMOs, you must enroll in the PPO plan.

If you meet the eligibility requirements for coverage under the health and welfare plan and if you are in your third year of your Apprenticeship and you enroll in one of the three medical plans above, you will automatically be provided with Dental, Vision, Chemical Dependency, Member Assistance Program and Death benefits.

You may change your medical coverage provider choice during the annual open enrollment period. The annual open enrollment period is November 1st – November 30th, with an effective date of January 1st. If you select HMO coverage during the annual open enrollment period, you must complete an enrollment application and return it to the Plan Manager.

Plan Choices

Download a Comparison of Plan Choices for 2009.

All three Health Plan choices have an additional benefit of an Assistance Program by Managed Health Network (access code: ibewlocal340).

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